Kiss Me Screaming

by Khalid Hanifi

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released January 1, 1996


all rights reserved



Khalid Hanifi Ann Arbor, Michigan

Over the course of three decades, Khalid Hanifi (Map of the World [Atlantic Records], Kiss Me Screaming, Maypops, and as a solo artist) has built a deeply compelling body of work that combines uniquely thoughtful, personally-charged lyrical content with impeccably crafted, irresistibly infectious melodies. ... more

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Track Name: Avalanche
Rock on, ooh yeah baby come on
We can throw it all out when we get done

You plant the dynamite, I’ll light a match

We’ve got no control, it’s such a relief
We can share this
We’ve always been thieves

We’ll talk about it as the boulders smash

The flesh is weak, the spirit willing
The CEOs are used to killing
It’s natural and beautiful
Those tragic smiles at the bottom of the hill

The flesh is weak, the spirit willing
Youth has never seemed so thrilling
Unsightly and unusual
Those groping limbs reaching out from the rubble

We’ll talk about it as the boulders smash
Track Name: I Wandered
I wandered out today
The little bunny rabbits have been begging me to come out and play
I brought my baseball bat
But when I started swinging all my little friends scampered away
And I hope that you are waiting for me

I’ve been called away
I’m buying me an Uzi and I’m headed to the Briarwood Mall
I’m gonna kiss them all
Then guzzle cappuccino and purge into the boiling fountain
And I hope that you are waiting for me
Track Name: Glowing In The Dark
Apocolypse of whimsy
Rocks off and dizzy
I thought she was makin’ me
She thought I was makin’ her
Now she’s glowing in the dark
We know that this might be a start

She asked me if I’d swallow her pearls
I’ll never know what it’s like to be a girl
Sometimes she thinks it’s a beautiful world
I’ll never know what it’s like to be a girl

She says she’s got this notion
She wants to be an ocean
So she can give and she can take life
Track Name: Swamp
Puddles, stumps, logs, algae, peat bogs, cattails, mud, logs

It’s too familiar to me
We’ve got to change it you see
Knee deep and rising

Blackbirds, frogs, salamanders, beavers, rot
Living, sinking

It’s too familiar to me
We’ve got the changes we need
Pop songs, knee deep and rising

We’ll build a club here
Just rock and roll and fun here
We’ll build a club here
Just rock and roll and dope here
We’ll build a club here
Just rock and roll and fuck here
We’ll build a club here
Let’s build a club here!
Track Name: A Disease Of Elevators
Take off your shoes
I’m tied in a knot
I don’t want to say it, so maybe I should not
I know the secret, I know the rent
Courting the masters for their 25 cents

How will they ever come down?

It’s not in the belfry
The belfry’s not there
Tied to a leather sofa
And trying to climb the stairs
It’s in their stool, it’s in their whipping cream
They’re fishing like egrets in an Ontario stream

A disease of elevators

There’s someone to sue
Sue someone you know
They’re waiting to trust you
So give the sucker a blow
We’ll never be happy if we’re eating to clean
We’ll never be monsters reading Forbes magazine
Track Name: Doze
I’m seeping out of my head into luscious conversations
I’m leaking out of my hair into sensual conflagrations
I’m 8 pounds, 2 ounces, 3 tons
Buzzin’ with opposing thumbs
Off I doze, rumpling my clothes and it feels so fine

My pen slips out of my hand
But I was talking to Scott McWhinney
A blur and a moist shirt sleeve
Contortion that sets me free
Track Name: Flush
My secret’s safe, I’m sure that no one has a clue
Least of all me, but perhaps you do
The streetlight’s on, I’m the lone loitering suspect
Ear to the ground, hoping for sympathetic judgment
As I listen to the rush in the sewer drain
It’s the early evening flush after the rain

I’ll paint it black, slapping my thirty-first thick coat on
It’s my dad, waiting for me to call him

Trying to stop trying to improve
Trying to give in and never, ever lose

I’ll be a boy, I’ll be a Chinese jump rope champion
Why not?
I’d don’t remember how it happened
Track Name: Ton Of Bricks
There’s a nipple in a haystack
And it’s so overwhelming, it’s so hard to grasp
By the time I get to love it, it’ll be in the past
Time’s gonna crush me like a ton of bricks

I’m rootin’ through the medicine chest for valium
Tryin’ to prevent these persistent tantrums
I’m a heavy living weight
And emptiness falls on me like a ton of bricks

Hey dad, can I smash the car?
And drive it over your head, and take mom to the bar?
And leave her with them boneheads that I fought with last night?
Love reigns over us all like a ton of bricks
Track Name: Tumescence
A simple thing can become complex
Love’s greedy tumescense
He’s got a mantra: California
He’s the president of Livonia

A copulation of ideas
He doesn’t want to know how it feels
To be headless, to be aimless
To have emotions about abortion

He’ll ask her, or maybe he should tell
It seems that she might listen, who could tell?
But he won’t inform her
That everytime he looks at her he sees the future and it’s bound in leather

He’ll ask her, or maybe he should tell
It seems that she might listen, who could tell?
But he won’t inform her
That everytime he looks at her he sees he sees his mother and he wants to stab her

He says later
I’ll see ya later
Good luck woman
I’m a masturbator
Track Name: Hunger
Hunger, plunder, and nod
At peace when I can soothe my God
He’ll whip me till I’m tantalized
Till I’m bleeding right out of my eyes

This thunderous desire is pining
It’s moping at my pleasure shrine
Where Barbies in flames don’t scream
They still smile like they’re the prom queen

Oh now, feel that hunger

I love this firebrand
The singe as it’s removed from my back
Oh yes I know, I know who I am
Pounding nails into my hand
Track Name: Slowly
She’s got a smile so wide
I crawl in and disappear
She swallows me
I’ve never felt more alive

Pumpin’ through the vein slowly, clickin’ my ruby heels

It’s worth too much
Bang bang, did you miss me?
If we made love, could I make it as slow as a century?

Back on a bed in Kansas we’re doin’ it without fear
The sky is so so clear
I finally found my rainbow, but it whips up into a tornado
There’s no tomorrow
Track Name: I Came, I Saw, I Wondered
I came, I saw, I wondered
Is it worth it?
I don’t know

No, no, no
Not even for one damned night
Privileged and scattered and useless
What luxury my birthright
I don’t want to leave

No, but even so
There’s an alluring nuisance
Is it fiction that’s dragging me out?
Pulling at my tail and congesting my snout
Lies, all lies
I read about them all the time

I came, I saw, I wondered
It made me dizzy
I fell, I flailed, I slumbered
She said she missed me
But do I even know her?

This roof has got a real steep pitch
I know you’ve seen me panting at my neighbor’s window
Maybe I was blowing them a kiss
But I have to say it’s intriguing that someone might want to know
Track Name: Mutually Assured Destruction
We shiver in a molten iron core
At the center of a planet that we can not explore
Epithets on infinite loop
The alphabet is lost in the soup

Mutually assured destruction
A cradle in a grave where we can suck our thumbs

These passionate, didactic absolutes
Your argument – I’ll never ever let you lose
We’re yin and yang, we’re sick of the form
We’re a swastika, we tend to get bored

Mutually assured destruction
A cradle in a grave where we can cock our guns

I’ll drag you down, if you’ll drag me down too

Mutually assured destruction
Eventually the victory will come down