Pamplemousse Presse

by Khalid Hanifi

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released September 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Khalid Hanifi Ann Arbor, Michigan

Over the course of three decades, Khalid Hanifi (Map of the World [Atlantic Records], Kiss Me Screaming, Maypops, and as a solo artist) has built a deeply compelling body of work that combines uniquely thoughtful, personally-charged lyrical content with impeccably crafted, irresistibly infectious melodies. ... more

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Track Name: Mr. Wonderful
I’m feelin’ well I’m feelin’ fine
I’ve got the blues and they’re not mine
Everybody loves to see
A greedy man feelin’ ugly

And I might fall tomorrow
With these wounds I stole and borrowed

It chokes me up to have to see
It cracks me up to hear your dreams
And what you really think they mean

Everybody pays to see
A handsome man take money

And I might fall tomorrow
It’s a bull market on sorrow

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: When You Wake Up
Come to me, come to me
Don’t slip away too far
You can be, you can be
Too much the way you are

I would love to stay, but really
Call me someday when you wake up

Please believe, please believe
I’m not in the mood for a fight
Can’t you see, can’t you see
I’ve only turned out the light

I’d love to say sincerely
It’ll be ok, as it once was
I don’t want to stay and I know it’s early
Call me someday when you wake up

Wake up

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: I'm Gonna Dedicate This One To You
Whatever you said, I’ve already heard
You’ve said it a thousand times
I rest assured

I’m wasting my time

Whatever you said, it all sounds the same
You’ve shown up a thousand times
And you’ll show up again

I’m gonna dedicate this one to you
And your romantic lies

I’m all out of moonshine, I know it’s serious
You’ve said it a thousand times
I’m almost curious

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Hard To Believe
Who wants her now?
A queue from a crowd
Winds around several city blocks
She’s been interred by her own words
And her suitors panting speech is mostly slurred
Baby, you are hard to believe

And it’s all in the way she loves to share
All the misery that she cannot bear
To relate to her gladhanded affairs

The high life is hers
It just occurs every time she opens up her mouth
And when she does, it is because
Her elephantine pride has spied a mouse
Baby, you are hard to believe

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Only Human
Late last night she gave me a hand
You know that I love it and I don’t give a damn
Can you relate to me lovely, several hundred more times?
If you fell through the ceiling that’d be mighty divine
She’s got long lash eyes and fakin’surprise
Get my balls, decide
Maybe I should go hide

Only human
Whether she leaves
Whether shallow

The same thing happened the very next day
Until I grabbed me a napkin after cleaning my plate
She said that I look good when I’m goin’ away
So I kept on walkin’ till I got to LA
There were song men cheatin’ on fourth of July
And a threadbare suit that was easy to try

The same thing happened the very next day
Until I tipped up to the wall and ordered Mount Gay
A splash of coke and a lime and “oh! I can’t pay”
The sun keeps a howlin’ down ‘bout “What’d that criminal say?”
You’ve got that seminal hit that flew back you gack bit of that push and pull back
Over that love shack here’s a forecast: you can’t shoo that bitterland tune back

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Truck
I thought about it
But you were wrong
I shouldn’t stop it
Doin’ it all night and all through the day
I might dick around forever

No no
Maybe so

In and out of lanes up and down the avenue
Hopin’ that a truck will come and run me over soon

Now I know I’ve got it
I see a stranger and I have to shout it
Maybe the things I say and do are not too cool
But it’s so unlikely

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Don't Hurry Me
Don’t hurry me
I’m not layin’ in bed
I’m out on the street
Just like I said
Head in the left lane and feet in the right
I’m comfortable here
All day and all night

Don’t hurry me
I heard what you said
“Move it or lose it”
And “it” is my head

But can I draw flies?

Please mister sir you don’t understand
I’m really tired and I’ve been takin’ a nap
Don’t hurry me

Oh! Oh! my head
You have driven over my head
If I could
If I could stand
I’d lay down again

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Blues In Diane
Blues in Diane
Will I ever get to see her again?
Can I even believe till then?
She’s been so far right

Blues in Diane
Walking slowly in the sea and the sand
Like in a movie where they’re holding hands
And they never fight

We don’t like to speak about it
But when we do we shout it to the moon

We don’t like to scream about it
We leave ‘em in our little thought balloons

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: July
Here where I rose and I fell
Crickets cajoling
I in the once and future dwell
Troubled with not knowing

This is not the place that I want to be
Not even a race that I want to lead
Should have been ahead but I’m on my knees
Can’t even begin to take the dis from ease

Now what the rumor foretold
Is slowly unfolding
How in this heat I can still feel cold
Is nothing consoling

Maybe it’s just July

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Idiot Box
Please leave me out of this
All I wanted was a kiss, don’t you believe me
When you go back and forth, could it be that
Your love is pure for sport though you seethe at
My buddies the highons, who follow the Lions
The trouble with cryin’ is that I’d be lyin’

All I ever wanted was a true love
Without feeling I would have to memorize the words to her favorite song
And it’s by me

Please lead me into bliss
All I want is to be missed, you’ve got to believe me
When you go back and forth could it be that
Your love is of a sort that I sneeze at
Listen to me, listen to me
I’m not gonna be what you want me to be

We live in idiot box

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Bitter Greens
I hear laughter up among the cobwebs
They rise and fall with the evening breeze
I’m lyin’ on my back on top of valentines
Never sent, they make me sick to read

I say I do and then I don’t
I say I will and then I won’t
Uh uh baby, it’s my turn to hide

From blonde to black to brown and then to redhead
She sighs and I’m in darker clouds
It didn’t make much difference when I knew her
It doesn’t make much difference now

Bitter greens with vinaigrette
Your table sir for one is set
Your waiter’s name is Steve
He’s kind of slow

I say I will and then I won’t
I say I do and then I don’t
Uh uh baby, it’s my turn to fly

I’ve always wanted to be by your side
I’ve always wanted too much
I think if I forget her I’ll be alright
Though we both know I’m the one that’s up and gone

Bitter greens with vinaigrette
Your table sir for one is set
Your waiter is deceased
Help yourself

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: I Wouldn't Bet The Farm
We were friends
And that’s how it begins
We moved slowly through a park one summer night

I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’ve been somewhat upset
Not that it is important, but I haven’t done it yet
I know better than to fall in love, if that’s what you call it
I wouldn’t bet the farm, but I guess that’s what I did

Your know I’m lost without you
I’m paralyzed
That’s why I’ve got to
Repair my whine
In the nick of time
Shoo the mime
I know I ought to

Now and then I want more than a friend
And I’m willing to destroy what isn’t mine

Why why why?

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: I Want You To Do Things That I Say
Oh no, not this again
I hoped that you knew this
I’m a particular man
I’m crafting my bliss
I thought that you understood
How to engage me
No no don’t hesitate
You know I’d like this chance to relate
I’d like to take this chance to relate
I want you to do things that I say

Tell me it’s forgivable
Gabby, make me a hi-ball
Be unforgettable, catch me when I fall
Imbecile grin and all
Here we go from the top again
I hope that you get this
I’m a very motivated man
With an opportunity to state
I’d like to take this chance to relate
I want you to do things that I say

©2008 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Ruthless
I’m mounted on the fences that have organized my head
As cameras roam the country side
If they don’t shoot me I’ll be dead
I was sent here to protect the crops
But I’m tempted to defect and drop the first approaching thought

All the functionary heads I’ve tumbled
How can I subvert this mental state?
This dagger poking dictates I might fumble
I’m ruthless
I’m afraid

The pile of severed noses rises higher to spite my face
Should I lop off another one or reconsider my fate?
In the stillness I know as God
There is a serious lack of dialogue
And it troubles me

Here’s one last boring episode of that sitcom in which I starred
I felt it was a drama and that really fed the lark
But I’m not amused
I’m gonna pitch strikes through that picture tube

©2008 Khalid Hanifi