Spirits of Agnew

by Khalid Hanifi

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released September 1, 2000


all rights reserved



Khalid Hanifi Ann Arbor, Michigan

Over the course of three decades, Khalid Hanifi (Map of the World [Atlantic Records], Kiss Me Screaming, Maypops, and as a solo artist) has built a deeply compelling body of work that combines uniquely thoughtful, personally-charged lyrical content with impeccably crafted, irresistibly infectious melodies. ... more

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Track Name: Blackeyed Susan
I forget did you better me
Did I swallow you or did you swallow me
I’d like to think I don’t want to know
I don’t know why this has always been so

Blackeyed Susan

We had a hay hole off in that field
My oh my what a pleasure it yield
Some other guy has stolen your heart
But I want it back and I know where to start

Blackeyed Susan

I’ve got myself a set of cheap wheels
I’d like to drive and to feel how you feel

And if you think I need you
That is correct my sweet placebo
And if you think I’m greedy
I won’t protest
No, no

Surprise, oh who woulda thunk
You and I at the same gas pump
I want to give you some kind of lift
I promise to drive if you promise to shift

Let’s go for a ride

©2000 Khalid Hanifi
Track Name: Yola My Blues Away
Ernest Klaun sat me down
I needed some jokes and
He’s got the most
I just want a friend before my bad day ends
I’ll have a smoke
And that’s before the joke

I’m gonna yola my blues away

Where’s my girl?
She could ease the pain
And I won’t rest until she takes me down again
Track Name: The Bloom Is Off The Rose
Shine, shine, shine
Melting into one mind
For this I’ve prayed
Hip hip hooray

What can I say?
I did the best I could
I moved to Hollywood and died

One by one
Wilting in the sun
From red to brown
They all fall down

What can I say?
I did the best I could
I moved to Hollywood and died

The bloom is off the rose

It moves me to tears
They’ve been perfecting it for years
I read you and weep
Then scuttle off to sleep
Track Name: Stuck In First
I started kind of slowly
But did I used to speed
Whatever I can use now
I turn it up from the driver’s seat

Stuck in first, going downhill
This is my worst favorite thrill
It’s a little gripe and I’ve got a million

I’ve got to keep it straight now
Stop curling up my toes
Maybe it’s the Prozac
Should I increase my dose?
Track Name: Summer Thunder
She loves summer thunder
You wonder about lovin’ what she loves
Summer thunder

You’ve been here too many times, you lay your open face upon the floor
You say welcome to another victim anxiously awaiting his reward

You swear you don’t really want that
You swear on a stack of Hustler you don’t really want that

So close but so far and if you left her now you’d finally hold the whip
And in your victory romp you’d show all the girls how you shoot from the hip

Remember how she feels inside

And now she won’t return your phone calls
She let you kiss her as she left in a hurry
She ran into the rainfall

So close but so far you nearly let her know how well she seemed to fit
How she made you feel like jumpin’ off the concrete into poppy fields

You can not escape it
Track Name: Set Me Up, Knock Me Down
Blackball time, the shade blew back
I stood naked at attention getting fat
I didn’t choose
Yes I did
It was you that made me do this
Yes I did, yes I did

Blackball time, don’t get hit
You come breezin’ down my alley for the thrill of it

Set me up, knock me down

I’m gonna go
I might stay
I know I’ll grieve about it either way
I’ll carry this tune like shackles
Like a musty mobile home with broken axles
Track Name: Purple and Blue
I fell in love I crashed I’m bored
The Laker girls that I adored
They threaten me from thigh to thigh
I sport a cup and that’s no lie

Without you I don’t know what I would do
It’s true my love it grew purple and blue

I know you know and you know me
I want to be your friend
And if you don’t break up with me
Together forever, until the end

Should I apologize again
After so many times you’d think I learned my lesson
I feel my head is thickening

Forever through the universe
I know my rights and shun my wrongs
I love you like you won’t believe
And if you’re patient
I’ll move along
Track Name: Love Song #37
I thought about you and you of me
And the gentleman I long to be
I pictured you a star in my homecoming feat
Naturally in the back seat

I won’t ever go back there

I dream without you of you without me
And you seem kind of happy
I wanted you so badly
I closed my eyes and claimed to see

If I could have gone in a little more deep
Went in with a shudder and out with a peep
Track Name: Baked Cliche
If you think I don’t love you
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To help you get through any day
I love you as you are
No matter near or far
I’d take you there in my car

Even if you run away
I know that you’ll see me someday
Have you ever had my baked cliché?

One of these days I’m gonna show you

However long it takes
Even if my heart breaks
I long to show you my tender side
Track Name: Hangman
Here take this head two arms and neck and don’t forget
Talking my derelict Symbionese
Workin’ up a sweat
Shoot down your favorite star my love
How’s about a tete-a-tete?

Hangman jubilation

She says I’m cold
We stay up all night
Is she a super-psychic summer chanteuse?
Backlit with a reading light
Two feet two heads one leg one arm

Ten feet six heads one leg gosh darn
Track Name: Ready To Crawl
Feelin’ like I’m ready to crawl back to you now
Maybe it’s the realization I don’t know how
And if I ever give up it will not be too much
You know that I’ll always have a crutch
Maybe we could find the time to talk just for a while
I could tell you everything I know with so much style
And I hope that you’re impressed
I’m giving you my best
You do look beautiful in that dress
When all is said and done I hope that you will come
To an appreciation of my hubris
I only want what’s best
I can’t regard the rest
I know it’s tedious
But there you are
Feelin’ like I’m ready to crawl into to you now
Would you be so kind as to forget I broke your heart
And if you ever give up it will not be too much
We’re already keeping in touch
Track Name: Combustible
Come on, what’s your unrequited dream tonight?
Come on, it’s not the future that’s lookin’ bright

Time to get combustible
Tired of being functional
Does anybody have a light?

Come on, where’s that famous pluck?
Come on, find you seat and pull it up

Get home fall in my chair
Glad that no one is there
But you and me

Come on, what’s your most impressive dream tonight?
Come on, we can flog it till we get it right
Track Name: Lazy
Kickin’ back feelin’ great
Flyin’ down the interstate
Six in back and more in hiding
The charming dairy countryside
California here we come
With needles guns and chewing gum
Whippets are a lot of fun
Are you awake?

Floor it up the mountainside
Let’s see how long that we can fly
What a thrill to be free
Just the devil and me
Bein’ lazy

Another pint in Jacksonville
How many ped xing we killed
In Dallas I forgot to drive as we sped and
Oh my sides
Indonesia here we come
With shoes and jobs and vapo rub
Working is actually fun for slaves
Track Name: Listen Sound Off
I can wait
I want to give you all the time you need to take
Some lies
Some hate
But if I catch a fish I guess I had some bait

Listen sound off

Do you read me?
I was an open book ‘till the pages all got stuck
It was Swahili
Maybe that’s why I was never smart enough

I’m awake
I’m gonna lay here ‘till I’m certain to be late
And it’s getting late